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    Flow wrapping equipment supplied by Tisomi is designed to offer high performance but cost-effective packing for the food, beverages and houseware sectors.

    Companies whether large or small, can speed up production and reduce packing costs through the use of a Tisomi flow wrapper. Tisomi already supplies its flow wrap solutions to a cross-section of bakeries, confectionery manufacturers, biscuit makers, fresh produce growers, ready meal producers and suppliers of durables encompassing everything from candles to sponges.

    Servicing both the UK and Ireland, Tisomi has developed a strong reputation for innovative flow wrap solutions and problem solving which has helped it win orders and admires from a growing number of recognised brand leaders. These companies all share one thing in common the need for efficient but cost-effective flow wrapping equipment to enable them to compete in a highly competitive and crowded market place.

    Flow wrap equipment offered by Tisomi includes compact solutions for installing in awkward places, stainless steel built flow wrapping systems for wet applications and/or cleaning purposes, high speed models for volume producers, entry level flow wrapping for the budget conscious, and bespoke offerings for special flow wrapping requirements.

    The company offers a complete package to meet the exacting needs of its customers, from large multi-nationals to small craft bakeries. This includes a range of options including labellers, date and time coders, collators and conveyors, Tisomi provides fully integrated flow wrapping solutions all backed with excellent customer services from its UK facility in Wetherby, West Yorkshire.

    Providing a non-nonsense jargon free approach, Tisomi has built its reputation on providing cost effective flow wrapping deliverables. For more information on our flow wrappers or for a quotation please contact Tisomi today.

    Tisomi is the trading name of Tisomi (UK) Ltd, a recognised leader in the supply of European manufactured, rugged and low-cost flow wrap machinery.

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