Flow Wrappers From Tisomi Meeting Changing Trends In Confectionery Market

Confectioners and chocolatiers are reacting to changing consumer purchasing trends towards more free-from, premium and sharing products, requiring innovative packaging systems that can deliver slick presentation and accelerates goods to market.

Tisomi Packaging Machinery supplies Italian-made, high-quality flow wrappers and fully integrated solutions that meet the key demands of the fast-moving confectionery industry as well as provide product protection and prolong shelf life.

Flow wrapping systems from Tisomi can safely wrap a whole range of different shaped confectionery in any configuration from indulgent chocolates, multipack, fun-sized and bite-sized chocolates and chocolate bars to crisps and snacks.

Flavour combinations and dietary needs are adding to the sheer volume of confectionery now on offer and the perceived need for flexibility to change pack runs quickly and easily during production. Equipment suppliers need to work closely with confectioners and chocolatiers to achieve the desired results for reliability, efficiency, ease of use, hygiene and ultimately shelf appeal.

Family-run business Playin Choc, a London-based specialist in vegan and organic confectionery, turned to Tisomi’s expertise in food packaging to meet growing demand, from health-conscious parents as well as kids, for the customer’s delicious chocolate product, which also features a pop-up small toy made from biodegradable material.

Supplying versatile flow wrapping equipment designed to handle intricate parts and tricky dimensions is what Tisomi does to support the confectionery industry – along with a first-class customer service – and by working closely with Playin Choc it has delivered a packaging solution that meets the requirements for the customer’s mini chocolate pieces.

Chocolate is traditionally flow wrapped but the added option of cold-seal technology has helped to increase packaging speeds. The pressure method of sealing is more beneficial than heat sealing for temperature sensitive products ensuring that, when unwrapped, chocolate keeps that satisfying, audible snap when chunks of the bar are broken off.
Due to rapidly growing demand from retailers and wholesalers for its award-winning products, another confectionery manufacturer, Radfords Fine Fudge Ltd, also turned to Tisomi for a flow wrapping solution for its cubes of mouth-watering fudge.

Radfords, an artisan manufacturing company of over 50 years standing specialising in traditional fudge and other confectionery products, reported improved presentation and a more than five percent reduction in costs after installing Tisomi’s Minflow400 flowrapper to replace the manual process of weighing and sealing individual bags of the product.

The UK confectionery market is very competitive, Tisomi’s flow wrappers, from top-of-the range equipment to compact versions for factories with limited space, can help suppliers gain an edge in a crowded retail space for businesses of any size as they can safely wrap a whole range of different shaped sweets and chocolates.

For more information on Tisomi’s products and services visit www.flowwrap.co.uk or call +44 (0)1937 858204.


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