Flow Wrapping From Tisomi Is Healthy Option For Nutree Life

To remain at the forefront of the growing and highly competitive health food sector, an award-winning supplier of natural protein bars and powders turned to Tisomi Packaging Machinery, www.tisomi.com, for packing technology that provided greater speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Family-run business Nutree Life, www.nutreelife.co.uk, is a manufacturer of gluten, wheat and soya free vegan health products, upgraded its packaging operation with a Tisomi flow wrapper because of the equipment’s reputation for quick turnaround, high performance, rugged construction and reliability, coupled with superior levels of technical back-up.

Nutree Life’s co-founder and Manufacturing Director, Patrick Mroczak, said: “The Tisomi flow wrapper is highly-versatile packaging kit which is improving our productivity and enhancing the pack presentation and performance of our products. The flow wrapper has exceptional seal integrity, which is very important to us.”

Tisomi specialises in flow wrappers and recognises that technical support is crucial during the initial installation. The company offers comprehensive trials to ensure accurate product alignment, a secure seal and the best possible product presentation, supporting the customer’s needs from start to finish.

Sourcing a machine supplier that offers a total package, which should include excellent customer service and a comprehensive stock of spare parts, is as important as choosing the right equipment solution in the first place – if the customer is to achieve speed to market and flexibility in an ever more demanding marketplace.

Mr Mroczak commented: “I rate Tisomi very highly. They delivered excellent customer service – their knowledgeable and experience also made commissioning a pleasure. We would definitely use Tisomi again.”

Companies like Tisomi take on board the requirements of the retailer and the producer, whilst working with the best available film materials to ensure maximum packaging line efficiency for a wide range of products from nutrition bars to fresh produce, bakery, morning goods and confectionery.

Patrick Mroczak and his son-in-law co-founder Adam Hodgkinson have over 40 years between them of world-class manufacturing experience, having won many prestigious honours such as The Best Factory of the Year Award in Food, Beverages & Nutrition Industries. They know a winner when they see one.

Tisomi’s flow wrappers can comfortably handle an immense array of products. Businesses cannot stand still, so their ability to add value to existing products through better pack presentation and performance by using machinery that comfortably facilitates new product development, has immense long-term value.

For more information on Tisomi’s products and services visit www.flowwrap.co.uk or call +44 (0)1937 858204.


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