Flow Wrapping Bakery Products

Tisomi Bakery Packaging Machinery can help bakeries transform their production processes with a highly versatile range of horizontal flow wrappers which can improve productivity, enhance a product’s pack presentation and performance to market, protect the integrity of goods and offer prolonged shelf life.

Having automatic packaging systems in place that not only protect the integrity of bakery items and offer excellent presentation, but can also accelerate the process of getting morning goods to stores quickly are vital for food sectors.

Whether its wrapping loaves or packing biscuits for foodservice operators and single or multiple breads for the large high street supermarkets, Tisomi’s flexible and expertly engineered bakery packaging flow wrappers offer simple operation, hygiene and easy maintenance, making them ideal for a wide range of individual, multi-packed, or trayed products.

High productivity, efficiency and value for money are the hallmark of all Tisomi’s flow wrapping systems, which is why they are used by small craft bakeries and sandwich makers to multi-national companies.

With a range of options, we don’t just supply packaging machinery, but provide fully integrated flow wrapping solutions to perfectly seal items such as cakes, loaves, bread rolls, biscuits, muffins, snacks and even breakfast cereals.

The roll call of satisfied customers for our flow wrappers is extensive and includes bakery suppliers to leading caterers, multiples and independent retailers.

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Flow Wrappers for Bakery

Tuscan 380 for bakery packaging

The Tuscan 380 electronic flow wrapper is ideal for confectionery sector or where factory space might be limited

Tisomi Packaging Machinery’s compact Tuscan 380 electronic flow wrapper is very flexible equipment capable of packing speeds at up to 60 packs per minute with a rugged and hygienic steel construction, is servo controlled with product memory.

ZA650E3 for bakery packaging

The ZA650E3 Servo is ideal for for a range of food applications

This flow wrapper has been designed for a range of applications in the food industry encompassing everything from multipacks and meat products to pizzas and bread. It is capable of handling film width of up to 850mm.

ZA560E3 for bakery packaging

The ZA560E3 is ideal for bread and sandwiches

Highly versatile, the ZA560E3 flow wrapper is ideal for sandwiches, bread and morning goods. It is capable of handling a maximum film width up to 600mm, has a compact footprint and offers great value for money.


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