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Flow Wrapping Housewares and Novelty Items

Tisomi Packaging Machinery’s expertise in flow wrapping machines and packaging solutions for houseware packaging for all levels of production capacity makes it the ideal choice for wrapping odd-shaped and difficult houseware and novelty items.

Our houseware packaging technology is being used to pack hundreds of thousands of essential household goods, including candles, napkins, pan-scrubbers, paint-rollers, dusters, wipes, sponges, cloths and numerous related items. We have an extensive choice of machinery capable of form filling and sealing everything from bulk items to phone cards.

High productivity, efficiency and value for money are the hallmark of all Tisomi’s flow wrapping machines, which is why they are used by a cross-section of blue chip and smaller companies.

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Flow Wrappers for Confectionery

Tuscan 380 for houseware packaging

The Tuscan 380 electronic flow wrapper is ideal for confectionery sector or where factory space might be limited

Tisomi Packaging Machinery’s compact Tuscan 380 electronic flow wrapper is very flexible equipment capable of packing speeds at up to 60 packs per minute with a rugged and hygienic steel construction, is servo controlled with product memory.

ZS650E3 for houseware packaging

The ZA650E3 Servo is ideal for for a range of food applications

This flow wrapper has been designed for a range of applications in the food industry encompassing everything from multipacks and meat products to pizzas and bread. It is capable of handling film width of up to 850mm.

ZA560E3 for houseware packaging

The ZA560E3 is ideal for bread and sandwiches

Highly versatile, the ZA560E3 flow wrapper is ideal for sandwiches, bread and morning goods. It is capable of handling a maximum film width up to 600mm, has a compact footprint and offers great value for money.


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